Styling O’milua’s Collection at Heneiken Lgaos Fashion Design Week 2017

It is the first day of the Heneiken Lagos fashion design week 2017, its super hot outside at the new venue, Eko Atlantic. Fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, members of the press are all getting busy with street style edits, sharing and curating style contents for their various online media, and just generally getting fashion busy.

On the other hand, I am backstage, so not looking street style worthy, but excited for the shows to begin. This year I get to work with Nigerian based fashion designer O’milua, for the third time during fashion week and I’m so excited about this collection which she calls ” Sisi Yemi – she is a lady”.

This collection was greatly inspired by a mixture of two cultures, African, and the Cuban Spanish heritage, the transatlantic slave trade of the blacks in Latin Africa with Yoruba roots.

The collection featured, bright colors which are this seasons trends, from blue, tangerine, red, canary yellow, to mention a few, it also had ruffles, gingham patterned, prints, mesh socks, stripes, and over the top hair bow accessories.

This collection is a perfect picture of my personal style, young, vibrant, free and very functional, I love the afro Spanish or should I say Cuban feel.. Think Havana nights, fun nights… Happy nights!!

Hope you love it as much as i enjoyed styling it.

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