A Tribe Called Black

It is Wednesday evening , I am preparing to shut down from a long day’s work, my phone buzzes and it’s the amazing creative director of spotlightpi Mr Emmanuel aka uncle spot as I love to call him…  he sends me a photo of a model and says ” can we shoot her tomorrow” ? … as soon as I recognized the face , I was like shaking in excitement as it felt like a dream come true …

As a stylist , there is nothing as fulfilling as working with a muse you always admire or a muse that you know without a shadow of doubt would make your job super easy and both your creative juices will be overflowing , that is just the power of a super fly model and Marie is all of this plus more. Her skin tone, ” Queen of melanin” her facial structure , everything about her by just looking at her photo was  too beautiful and then to crown it all up , I get to work with this Cameroonian based super model on a shoot. How awesome can this get…  so I told uncle spot to send me his mood board and I would sort the rest out.

When I got on set the next day and saw her, I wrapped my arms round her, she was even more gorgeous in person than in photos as I have seen countless editorials featuring her on pintrest and Instagram , I couldn’t wait to get to work on her immediately. She was a delight to work with, she made my creative juices run wild, I felt honoured , I was super estactic and to crown it up the photos came out so so good. 

Here are the first set of photos from a tribe called black, why black you may ask, Just because everything about black is beautiful , flawless, gorgeous and timeless ….

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Styled by @mayreejay

Photography by @spotlightpi

Modeled by @graobe_noelle



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